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Partner with one of the leading small business non-bank micro-funders in the nation. Supercharge your funding capacity, we work with over 500 distribution partners. Your organization could be next, partner with us today! See this website for more information.

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Funding partners

Earn top commission rates by working with us.
Submit applications to us via our portals, email or Online API for quick and accurate credit decisions, fast funding and instant commissions.


Corporate clients

Small business services providers, banks and others can fully integrate with us using our Online API, or you may opt to allow us to represent your client under your brand name via our private label solution.


Referral partners

Referral Partners can refer leads to us and will receive commissions for those that fund. The sales process will be handled internally by one of our highly skilled sales executives. When deals fund, you will be notified instantly.

Features Funding Partners Corporate Clients Referral Partners
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Do business under your own logo icon
Your team sells the funds icon
Deal by deal commissions icon
Flat fee commissions icon icon
Leverage our sales center icon icon
Fixed predictable revenue icon icon
Leverage our technology to deliver your clients to us icon icon
Dedicated account manager icon icon
Simple lead referral portal icon
Access to our online API icon icon
24 hour funding icon icon icon
Pre-approve customers instantly icon icon
Automated daily payment icon icon icon
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