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A safe, flexible funding solution for auto shops

At MCA, we have years of experience with the many hurdles and difficulties that are faced in the auto body and auto repair industries on a daily basis. Automotive specialists need a source of flexible funding to buffer cash flow during slow periods, make equipment and facility upgrades and take advantage of special offers from suppliers.

That’s why we created a simple way for your automotive business to access working capital, putting cash in your bank account in as little as 3-5 business days. There is no personal guarantee required, very little documentation needed and bad credit is often not a problem.

Getting cash quickly allows our clients to gain the buying power they need when they need it, resulting in better terms with their vendors, bulk purchasing options, and often leading to significant cost savings.

Use your merchant cash advance for any of your business expenses, including:

  • Tools
  • Shop equipment leasing/purchases
  • Facility expansions
  • Renovations
  • Marketing
  • Payroll
  • Displays
  • Training

Get the funds you need to grow your automotive business. Call MCA today !