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Can my business qualify?

The answer is “yes” over 85% of the time. MCA actually wants to provide true small business financing solutions for America’s small buisness community. We understand that smaller businesses often have special circumstances, so we’ve tailored our merchant cash advance products to make it easier. We do our very best to address these challenges:

Seasonal business: We can help you get through your slow season gracefully.

Credit issues: Many small business owners have dealt with foreclosures or bankruptcy in the past. We look at the big picture and can often find a way to work around your financial history.

Businesses without collateral: We require no personal guarantee or collateral to qualify for a cash advance.

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Typical uses for our merchants cash advance products include: 
• Equipment financing
• Purchasing inventory 
• New marketing campaigns
• Remodeling and renovation
• Bridging receivable gaps
• Hiring employees
• Opening a new location
• Handling unexpected expenses