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Can I use my cash advance for anything?

You can use your cash advance for practically any business need. We’re just here to relieve your financial stress — it’s up to you how you use your capital funding.

Still need ideas? Here are some applications that we frequently see from our clients:

Inventory purchase
It costs money to make money! Use your cash advance to cover your inventory funding, meet customer demands, and pay your suppliers right away with no worrying.

In addition to routine re-stocking, merchant cash advances are particularly well-suited for seasonal inventory purchases and items in high demand.

Equipment financing
The right tool for the right job! Having the proper equipment is essential to any business.  Many MCA cash clients have used their small business funding as a clean, stress-free alternative to equipment leasing or messy bank loans.

Whatever your business, using your MCA capital advance for equipment financing is a very secure option.

Business expansion
If you’re trying to expand or open a new location, our expansion capital programs can give you much-needed breathing room. You name it — new hires, deposits, down payments, utilities, licenses, and of course advertising — we’re here to give your business the room it needs to grow.

Renovation costs
This is something almost every business owner will put off for too long! Are you in dire need of redecorating or renovations? Or are your technology and utilities desperately antiquated? With a merchants cash advance, you can make the improvements you need for a bright future.

Marketing and advertising
We don’t need to tell you how important it is to get your name out there, and how hard it can be to make room for this expense. Use your cash advance for a new website, to pay for promotional materials, an advertising campaign or for any of your marketing needs.

And much, much more!